A Fight You Should Never Give Up On


The first subject that interested me when I first met Jesus was fighting against sin. I have read many books about this and learned many ways to win. However, I am still fighting against it.

If you lose in this fight you will be very discouraged and sometimes you will be blaming it on God. If he is the father, why didn’t he make us not to sin or to win easily? Rather, he sees us losing in this battle.

There is no definite answer to this question but I found a partial answer; it is to prevent us to be arrogant. It seems to me God would rather see us being humble after losing this battle than being arrogant by always winning. This is the reason why we often see people who got complimented go through difficult time because of jealousy, greed, and so on. And they become humble again. They realize how brittle, incompetent, and bad they are and become humble.

You see many changes when you meet Jesus. You can quite smoking and drinking, live a healthier life, forgive others, and your personality changes too. God is always with us and he helps us to make these changes. However, if the number of wins goes up and you lose less, there is no ultimate win. You should keep fighting.

Most people have certain sins that they have to fight until they die. Every sin varies from one person to the other. It can be from the day you were born (homosexuality), it can be from past experience or memories (aggressiveness), or it can be a bad habit that you developed (addiction). All these sins are a big part of your life and it is very hard to overcome. You should not admit that it is just part of you. You have to keep fighting.

There are many people who give up trying to fight against sin. People sin on the weekdays, come to church to repent, sin during the week, come to church to repent… People who take this such life naturally are who gave up going against sin and evil. And due to these people, nonbelievers misunderstand and start to carry negative opinions of Christians. But when you repeat these things, you feel the guilt less and less, and have even a harder time to repent. When the joy of being a Christian disappears, your relationship with God is likely to become distant.

Whether we win or lose, we need to fiercely fight against sin. Once we win, our lives will be glorious. If we lose, we will experience God’s power of healing. When we decide to fight against sin, we will experience God’s helping hand or his forgiving grace. However, if we give up fighting against sin, we won’t be able to experience his power nor his grace.

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